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How to Submit:

Please send your article pitch or full article, along with your author bio, to [email address]. Use the subject line “Guest Post Submission – [Your Topic]” to ensure a prompt and accurate review.

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Please don’t send plagiarized content – we take our work seriously and expect you to do the same. If we find a submission with over 2% plagiarism, we charge a fine of $50 and have the right to remove the article.

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Write for us business on the following topics, we accept the blogs on these topics.

Business Blogs

Write for us business blogs as the main category we deal in; you can write extensively in this field. There are various topics that you can cater while writing for our business category such as topics like “Tips to ensure your business survival in this inflation”. The writer should ensure the blogs are informative and unique, we highly discouraged plagiarized content in any form. Apart from this, there is a wide variety of sub topics that you can write about when writing for our business blogs. You can explore many other topics as well like the do’s and don’ts of doing business in 2023, or Things to Take Care of While Business-ing in 2023. There is a lot you can do in this category.

Entrepreneurship Blogs

Blogs about entrepreneurship is always a good idea, write for us business page and make sure you are not in any way delivering wrong information to the audience. The more you are focused on providing the right knowledge the more our audience will drive to you. However, one thing that you must ensure while writing is to the quality, the higher the quality is of your blog, the farther it will go in terms of the reach. There is a wide range of the topics that the writers can engage in ranging from “Tips to start a new business in the rising inflation”, “5 business ideas that can work well in 2023”, and “Do’s and don’ts for the new businesses in the current economy”.

Startup Blogs

Giving ideas about how one can fund their start-up idea is never a bad idea, your blog about such things can help a huge chunk of our audience regarding the said project. There is a plethora of things that you can write for us business when you do start-up blogs. However, the information should be of top-notch quality and you must ensure the audience is well informed while you are delivering the content. There is a lot that you can talk about while doing start-up blogs such as “things to take care of while starting a start-up in Pakistan”, “10 ways to fund your start-up in 2023”. 

Technology Blogs

No one can get tired of writing for technology, the more you write about it, the more there will be to explore this area. Technology is a wide area and since the advancement in the overall business areas, talking about technology has undoubtedly become one of the most important areas. While writing for technology you have to ensure the information that is added is absolutely legit and you are not misquoting anything. Apart from this, adding quality and unique content is a must and again you can talk about a lot of things while discussing technology and business. Topics like “Use of technology to up your business game”, or something like “Top ten technologies that have been a Game Changer” and topics like that. However, keeping the quality and content in check, it is advisable you make sure you are not scamming people off through your content.

Digital Marketing Blogs

Digital marketing is the core of marketing in the current era, working on it can increase your chances to reach more audiences and you will be surprised to see how you can just be better in it. Digital marketing is a huge area, you can talk about a lot many things in it, SEO marketing, social media marketing or other kinds of it. Topics like “How Digital Marketing is changing the way business is done” & “Digital Marketing tips to follow in 2023”. Nevertheless, if there is one thing that you must ensure then it is the quality of the content you are providing. Plagiarised content is highly discouraged and we appreciate the informative tone of the content that our audience can relate with.

Search Engine Optimization Blogs

SEO is a deep topic the more you go into it the more you would see how unexplored this area is. It is imperative for the contributors to ensure they are adding relevant details and a high quality content. One of the biggest mistakes that most people often make is they post repetitive content which brings down their SEO ranking and their contribution is not really worthwhile then. While you are contributing, make sure you are adding topics like “Top 10 SEO Trends to follow in 2023”, “Top 5 SEO Trends That You Must Say Goodbye To”. It is a vast topic that you can discover however you want, nevertheless, make sure you are not getting it off the market with the irrelevant and unimportant content. 

Artificial Intelligence

Write for us about artificial intelligence, the future will be AI and hugely depend on it without any disruptions. It is important to talk about AI when the whole future massively depends on it. The contributors can explore this unexplored area and be a part of the revolution. Moreover, they can further add some new AI based ideas that they think can work well in the future. However, one must ensure the content is not plagiarized at all since we have a very strict policy against it. 

Content Marketing

Content is KING and the brands can do a lot through it, SEO and content, SMM and content, e-mail marketing and content, just everything needs content for the brand. Explore the content ideas and share with the audience, educate them and teach them to do better. Write for us business or technology or AI or content marketing, however be sure the quality is top-notch and you are not compromising over it any bit. The plagiarized content will not be entertained as the company has strict policy against it.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is an untouched area and not many people talk about it, if you have a relevant knowledge and you think you can write for us about it, feel free to contribute. The contributor can discuss the “Do’s and Don’ts of Cyber Security”, “Cons of Using the Wrong Cyber Security” and a lot other things. However, the contributor can ensure the content is not copied from anywhere and is new. The more unique the content is the more Google would work in our favor, therefore we strongly suggest well-researched content for our website.


Who does not like talking about entertainment? It is fun and exciting and draws a huge chunk of the audience towards the content. We accept entertainment-related blogs too; you can talk about what is in fashion these days. Who is dating who in the celebrities’ world and just a lot many things. Other areas that you can explore include dietary tips, haircare tips, skincare tips and a plethora of other things.